Diving Into Trailblazers, World Cup, and WOOP

In the latest episode of the Mental Gym Podcast, hosts Tim Haslam and Tim McDermott dive into the Trailblazer AthleteType, talk about the World Cup, and the finish with the WOOP system of tackling tasks.

Trailblazers are Energizing, Empathetic, and Trendsetters. Among other characteristics, Trailblazers are creative in problem solving, willing to embrace an idea, empathizes with teammates, and are comfortable adapting in the moment.

We talk about Cristiano Ronaldo and his performance in the World Cup versus Spain and which AthleteType we think he will be when he takes TAP.

We also talk about WOOP which is an idea presented in ‘Rethinking Positive Thinking’ by Gabriele Oettingen (Buy on Amazon) and how you can use it in your life to gain a mental edge.

In closing, we talk about a book called, “George W. Bush and the Redemptive Dream” (Buy on Amazon) where we find if people are stuck with their traits they are born with or not.

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