Interview With Professional Lacrosse Goalie Adam Ghitelman

In the latest episode of the Mental Gym Podcast, hosts Tim Haslam and Tim McDermott interview Major League Lacrosse goalie Adam Ghitelman. Ghitelman is the current goalie for the Atlanta Blaze and an assistant coach at the University of Utah.

Ghitelman talks about the mental side of being a goalie, including tips & tricks to overcome being scored on. Ghitelman also talks about what it means to be a Trailblazer and how he uses his AthleteType to prepare for games.

Other takeaways from the episode include tactics for younger goalies to get over the fear of getting hit with a ball, resetting after getting scored on, not getting scored on by the same shot twice, and working with the entire defense. Ghitelman also talks about going from the last line of defense to the first line of offense and how those tendencies can be determined by recognized by knowing your AthleteType.

“There’s a huge desire for me as a coach to continue to be creative. Being innovated either structurally or in drills. No one has perfected how to coach!” – Adam Ghitelman

A few books Ghitelman suggests are:

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