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The Mental Gym Podcast focuses on individual and team results from the Troutwine Athletic Profile© (TAP). The podcast was founded by Tim McDermott and Tim Haslam, who met on a lacrosse field in Salt Lake City, Utah. McDermott has a passion and drive for the mental aspect of sports through his affiliation with AthleteTypes. Haslam is invested in the media surrounding sports and business.

The Troutwine Athletic Profile (TAP) is an athletic mindset indicator that measures the mental intangibles related to athletic and personal success. Specifically, the TAP measures an individual’s matched Athlete Type, matches to 66 mindset indicators, growth versus fixed mindset, scores on the 12 performance traits, 8 cognitive functions, and 3 learning traits. These measurements are all important for participating and competing in athletics. From the TAP assessment, output in the form of reports and development plans are available for improving both individual and team performance. This information leads to building champions.

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