• Free thinking
  • Welcomes change
  • Often reinvents the wheel or makes a simple task too difficult
  • Typically very social- allows people in close
  • Loves living life and often seen as the life of the party
  • Aesthetics are important to them, so they may have strong interests in food, arts, culture, and clothing
  • Intuitive, often insightful perspective
  • Idealistic, pie in the sky dreamer
  • High energy and interaction often followed by crashing
  • Expectations and goals may be unrealistic


Creative problem solving, willing to embrace an idea
Empathizes with teammates
Comfortable adapting in the moment

Easily distracted
Makes unnecessary changes
Difficulty following through

Typically, sports is viewed as very down to earth and practical, a far cry from things like being a musician, artist or author. Yet the Trailblazer has an artistic temperament and interests. Trailblazers are often attracted to culture, aesthetics and things like philosophy. Other people will see them as cerebral.

The Trailblazer can connect the dots and relate to concepts that others may not see as connected. The Trailblazer is fairly outgoing and desires a fairly high level of intimacy or closeness in relationships.

Trailblazers like to perform, not for ego reasons like being in the spotlight, but for the joy of performing their ‘craft’.

The Trailblazer is motivated to understand why and how certain things work. Trailblazers will want to drill deeper on a topic rather than simply knowing the surface facts. They want to understand theory.

Another effect is that the Trailblazer would rather look good than make the play or complete the task. Put another way, they feel that style can be more important than substance. Socially, others will see the Trailblazer as rather uninhibited and some may feel Trailblazers should practice more restraint.

Finally, the Trailblazer has some habits that lead to inefficiency when tackling tasks or practicing sports.

The Trailblazer has a balanced decision style in terms of being decisive versus cautious/hesitant. This means that they can shift gears mentally and react quickly when the situation demands it and be more cautious in other situations. Another noticeable trait is that the Trailblazer typically executes with proper technique.

Finally, the Trailblazer is able to easily make adjustments during competition, but the flip side of that is they will have difficulty in strictly sticking to the game plan due to their desire to improvise.

One thing that would help the Trailblazer is to run concentration drills. These should be sport specific. The Trailblazer also needs help developing shortcuts and being efficient. Trailblazers tend to make a simple job difficult. Related to this, the Trailblazer needs help setting priorities.

In general, the Trailblazer also needs some help with assessing a situation in a realistic fashion. Sometimes you need to bring the Trailblazer back down to earth.

Finally, it helps the Trailblazer to learn and understand if you present some concepts and strategy instead of just X’s and O’s. This is very important. Stress the “why” and the “big picture” to get their full support and attention.

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